about us

Company Mission

At CEBO, we create elegant solutions for Australian companies seeking to increase their growth potential through the R&D Tax Incentive program and Export Marketing Development Grants. With extensive commercial experience, competitive rates, and timely advice, we provide the specialist know-how you need to help realise your business goals.

The CEBO Difference

We understand start up and small to medium business (SME) imperatives and work hard to identify and deliver benefits for your company.

The CEBO Difference

If we sound like a good fit for your business, why not make a discovery call today?

How We Work

1. Initial Free Consultation –> 2. Proposal –> 3. Site Visit —> 4. Identify R&D Projects and activities –> 5. Data assembly and collection —> 6. Prepare and review application –> 7. Submit application via the R&D Portal –> 8. Finalise Registration process.
Our approach is simple and transparent. Following an initial discussion and eligibility assessment, we present you with a formal competitive proposal. We then work alongside you and your accountants to go beyond the numbers and craft eloquent submissions tailored to your business and targeted to achieve your specific goals.
We have a very broad understanding of a wide range of businesses and will quickly appreciate your opportunities so we can get you on the road to reaching your business’ goals.